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Developing people

Through Sport

With just under 30 years of experience we are arguably the biggest football and coaching company in Hertfordshire. We still provide the same care to each individual in our scientifically research based structure. Very few Football Clubs are keen to coach children of all standards and abilities. At Excel Sport all children are welcome, we really do cater for the complete beginner to the budding superstar.

We provide young people with the best possible start in life.

Mr. Daniel ManziOwner

At Excel Sport, we focus on developing the best environments for 3-12 year olds and support parents in understanding and developing these environments. We are a sports coaching company providing opportunity for being physically active and specialise in giving young people life-skills developed through sport. We have had several of our young people move to professional clubs, but more importantly, what we do provides a better chance of success, across all areas of life, not just sport.

Our programs are developed using sport psychology. We develop people to have a brighter future by improving confidence through the development of social and psychological skills. This will impact on motivation, commitment to tasks, relationships and ultimately improve overall happiness. Specifically we use failure and difficulty, within psychologically safe spaces, to build resilience and improve confidence and learning. We do this mainly in football but also in other sports.

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We provide football coaching for children starting from the age of 3. Enrolling your children in our program is a fantastic way to offer them invaluable opportunities in life through the world of sports. Don’t miss the chance to give your child a head start on their athletic journey and set them on a path to success.

Toddlers & Pre School

Reception & Year 1

Weekly Courses.

Year 2 & Year 3

Weekly Courses.

Year 4 & Year 5

Weekly Courses.

Year 6 Plus

Weekly Courses.

Girls Coaching

Weekly Courses.

Our Vision

Provide everyone with the opportunity to experience sport for a fun filled and happy life with overall good health and well being.

Our Mission

Develop people through sport cultivating life skills to improve confidence and enabling transformations to maximise life and be the best they can be in all areas of life not just sport.
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                                 Excel Sport – Developing people through sport

                                 Excel Sport – Developing people through sport

                                 Excel Sport – Developing people through sport

My son has become a consistent and better player thanks to the effort of every coach he has had throughout our years with Excel. A true and noticeable development.

Flavio AThank you for all the effort

She loves the After School Club on Wednesdays. She can't wait for the new term!!!

Alistair M,Thank you