We provide football coaching for children starting from the age of 3. Enrolling your children in our program is a fantastic way to offer them invaluable opportunities in life through the world of sports. Don’t miss the chance to give your child a head start on their athletic journey and set them on a path to success.

Toddlers & Pre School

Reception & Year 1

Weekly Courses.

Year 2 & Year 3

Weekly Courses.

Year 4 & Year 5

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Year 6 Plus

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Girls Coaching

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Toddlers & Pre School Football Coaching

Excel Sport offers the KickStart programme where children can begin training from 3 years of age.

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Our F.A. qualified coaches are the best in the business, not only experts in their field but hand picked for their kind, caring attitude and their ability to relate to the needs of the very youngest of footballers.

The KickStart programme will introduce the very youngest child to ball skills and early match play awareness whilst building confidence and above all having lots of fun. Once children reach school age we have a comprehensive training programme that has seen a number of children progress on to Professional Clubs.

Ages 3 – 4 … The Pre-school programme aids children to play together and understand sharing. We start to give the children a few choices as this is the age when they start to make decisions for themselves. Progression on with more drills and skills perfected for this age group without losing the real feel of Football.

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Reception & Year 1 Football Coaching

Children of this age are becoming more independent and self confident and we start to set individual challenges which will help them to reach their true potential. This is the age when we start to use questions and answers to check understanding.

All children are given a feeling of success as we set realistic targets for each individual. Children are taught the fundamental skills of Football using innovative training methods delivered by coaches who are experienced working with this age profile.

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Year 2 and Year 3 Football Coaching

At this age Football coaching provides a good opportunity to recognise how a child’s behaviour affects others. We help them to understand that by listening to other people it will help them to play and work cooperatively. We also show them how to identify and respect the similarities and differences between others.

At this stage of a child’s development, whilst we still concentrate on skills and techniques, we also begin to introduce more aspects of team play.

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Year 4 & Year 5 Football Coaching

At this stage children continue to develop both physically and emotionally, our session are specifically disigined to incorporate speed, agility and quickness work which helps children during growth spurts cope more easily.

More advanced training drills to further progress individual ability. Also an emphasis on positional sense during match play.

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Year 6 Up To Year 10 Football  Coaching

When the children move into school Year 6 up to Year 10 we provide venues and coaches that will continue to challenge and develop players of all abilities whilst maintaining the sporting and supportive environment that they are used to.

Whilst continuing to improve individual football skills, these sessions also focus on the tactical side of the game as well as ‘Speed, Agility, and Quickness’ (SAQ).

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Girls Football Coaching

Our girls development programme introduce players to the fastest growing sport in the country. Children of all abilities are catered for and we take a sensative approach to the changing physical and emotional needs at different ages. The emphasis is on fun but we are instilling the basic skills and techniques to develop the individual who will then flourish in a team situation.

The programme includes coaching for children of all abilities with advanced groups for those who are showing promise and our  Sunday League for those who want to experience the thrill of team play.

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