🌟 Spring Term 2024 – Football Coaching

Welcome to Spring Term Football Coaching 2024!

Booking Information:

  • Term Dates: Saturday, 6th January to Thursday, 28th March.

Special Offer:

  • All new children will receive a FREE TASTER SESSION.

Registration and Booking:

  • To book a course, registration is required. Contact us at 0208 950 8526 to complete your registration by providing some basic details. You can still register online although to book your FREE TASTER SESSION please give us a call to confirm availability.

Taster Session:

  • Book your FREE TASTER SESSION, contact us over the phone on 0208 950 8526 or via email for detailed information and availability.

Session Details:

  • Pre-School Children: 45 minutes, (indoors or outdoors).
  • Reception Age and Older: 1 hour (outdoors).

Our Venues:

Powerleague Watford,

Herstwood Academy (Borehamwood),

Cotlandswick LC (London Colney),

Merchant Taylors’ (Northwood),

Bushey Grove LC (Bushey),

Garden Fields JMI (After School Club).

What to Expect:

  • Our aim is to develop people though sports, the goal is to ensure the best possible experience engaging in football.
  • Each session includes:
    • Warm-up drills (ball mastery, each child has their own football).
    • Skill-building exercises (with opposing players for practice).
    • A match where they can apply what they’ve learned.

Our sessions:


  • Quoted prices cover the entire term.
  • Joining a course after a term has started? Call us for updated pricing.
  • You’ll only be charged for the remaining sessions in that term.

Flexible Booking:

  • Book sessions at any time during the term (except the last 2 weeks).
    Pay for remaining sessions only.

Weather Conditions:

  • We always continue our outdoor training sessions even in the rain, cancelled only if there is extreme weather.

Contact Us:

  • For further information please contact the Excel Team on 0208 950 8526.

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We look forward to a fantastic Spring Term of football coaching! ⚽🌷

Our Courses

Courses are arranged based on both the day of the week and the starting date.. Prices are quoted for the whole term. If the term has already started, please call us on 020 8950 8526 for an updated price. You will only pay for the remaining sessions on the term. Please call us for availability.